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Start of Safer Births in Tanzania


Research assistants at Haydom Lutheran Hospital have observed all deliveries and recorded labor information, neonatal information including responses in the delivery room, and fetal/neonatal outcome for the “Helping Babies Breathe” study since 2009. Since then they have recorded 20 000 deliveries.

On March 1st 2013 they started to use the Safer Births data collection form which includes more information about fetal heart rate and the process of labor, and newborn resuscitation using the Newborn Resuscitation Monitor.

1st of March was also the start of the randomized controlled study on the most effective fetal heart rate monitoring device in Haydom and Muhimbili National Hospital.

Together this represents the start of the Safer Births study and it was celebrated with local research staff, midwives and project participants from Norway and the US at the Haydom Research Institute.