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A world where all births are safe

We are a global research and development collaboration, focused on saving lives at birth.

From donorship to ownership

The Safer Births Bundle of Care program, which equips birth attendants with the skills and confidence to manage the main causes of maternal and neonatal mortality, has now been implemented in over 150 health facilities across Tanzania. Based on the promising results, the program is set for national expansion, with the potential to save over 25,000 lives every year. Watch the video to learn more.

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May 2023 Update

The Safer Births Bundle of Care May 2023 Update summarizes the history, implementation, and learnings from the project so far.

It also outlines the promising preliminary results and the estimated cost-effectiveness over time.

Reducing maternal deaths

Globally bleeding after birth is a leading cause of maternal deaths.

The Safer Births Bundle of Care program trains healthcare professionals to efficiently deal with PPH and is already resulting in up to a 50% decrease in maternal deaths.

Watch the video to learn more.

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Creating a culture of trust and quality improvement

In Tanzania the Safer Births Bundle of Care program is helping reduce maternal and newborn mortality.

It is also changing the way people work, with weekly simulation training, and debriefing, and the use of data for quality improvement.

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Research: A journey to safer births

Safer Births is based on 12 years of research and collaboration, resulting in more than 100 published research papers.
Proven results
Our approach combines innovative tools with feedback and new  learning methodologies that have demonstrated success. When implemented well, it’s been shown to reduce newborn deaths by 50%.

Evidence-based innovations

The Safer Births Innovations enable healthcare providers to make time-critical lifesaving decisions on the spot. The Safer Births Bundle of Care is a collection of training and clinical tools to help prevent and treat the leading causes of newborn and maternal death.

Local projects, global reach

Safer Births was developed and launched at Haydom Hospital in Tanzania. The Safer Births Bundle of Care is now being scaled up to 30 hospitals covering 100,000 births anually. Safer Births projects are also ongoing in other countries.
We’ve learned that solutions developed in low-resource countries are equally valuable for high-income countries.
It’s our goal that Safer Births will be widely adopted and implemented around the world.