Every year, nearly 2 million newborns die around the time of birth. Around 300,000 women die of pregnancy and birth-related causes. The burden is unacceptably high in low-income countries. We set out to change that. And we hope others will do the same.

Through the collaboration of doctors, midwives, researchers, product developers supported by partners and government agencies, we work towards a future where all births are safe.

Safer Births is a project with the simple aim that a mother who comes to a hospital should be able to deliver her baby safely.

— Dr. Paschal Mdoe, Medical Managing Director, Haydom Lutheran Hospital

Key milestones


Launch of Helping Babies Breathe, an evidence-based newborn resuscitation training program.


Laerdal Global Health established to help save lives of mothers and newborns in low-income countries.


The Safer Births Project at Haydom Lutheran Hospital in Tanzania is launched.


The Upright Bag Mask is launched. Research shows more effective seal during ventilation than standard bag-mask. Upright with PEEP is the first low-cost reusable PEEP valve on the market.


Moyo fetal heart monitor is launched. This digital monitor provides immediate, accurate feedback on fetal heart rate.


The NeoBeat heart rate meter is launched. Provides immediate feedback to guide healthcare workers during resuscitation.


Launch of the Safer Births report, which presents the goals and achievements of the project, an extensive annotated bibliography and takes a look at the way forward – to help save more lives.


Safer Births Bundle of Care Scale-Up is launched in 30 hospitals in Tanzania covering 500,000 births/year.

Newborns in Tanzania


The Newborn Time project was developed to automatically create a timeline of birth and resuscitation activities. Artificial Intelligence (AI) detects time of birth from thermal cameras in the delivery room.


Preliminary results from the Safer Births Bundle of Care implementation in Tanzania (reaching 30 hospitals in 5 regions) are promising, showing over 50% reduction in maternal mortality and 45% in neonatal mortality.


Thanks to major funding from the World Bank’s Global Financing Facility and the commitment of the Ministry of Health in Tanzania, the Safer Births Bundle of Care implementation is scaled up to over 150 hospitals, reaching thousands more healthcare personnel with the potential to save many more lives.