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Safer Births researchers at FIGO 2015


More and more research is coming out of the data collected at Haydom and Muhibili. This week at one of the largest medical conferences, the World Congress of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, FIGO 2015 in Vancouver Canada, two of the Safer Births PhD Fellows are giving presentations on their findings.

The room was completely full when Dr. Paschal Mdoe presented the preliminary results from the randomized controlled study comparing a hand held doppler and Pinard Fetoscope for fetal heart rate monitoring in Tanzania.

It was fascinating to hear that the results from the rural hospital Haydom Lutheran Hospital and the Urban hospital Muhimbili National Hospital were different and it will be interesting to learn more about why in the final analysis and future studies.

Dr. Jørgen Linde did a presentation called “Heart Rate detection in “Fresh stillbirths” and Early Neonatal Deaths during Resuscitation – What is the true stillbirth rate?” This study is based on the data collected with the newborn resuscitation monitor using dry electrodes on the abdomen of the newborn to detect the heart rate immediately after birth.

This is not the first conference this year where the Safer Births Researchers have been active.

In March, at the 9th Annual Global Health and Vaccination Research Conference (GLOBVAC) in Oslo the Safer Births group had five posters and one oral presentation. At the highlight of the year, The Pediatric Academic Society (PAS) in San Diego, there were also five poster presentations from the group:

  • Randomized controlled study comparing handheld Doppler and Pinard Fetoscope for fetal heart rate monitoring in Tanzania. Mdoe P, Mduma E, Ersdal H, Moshiro R, Perlman J, Kidanto H.
  • CUSUM statistical process control method can be used to continuously monitor the impact of health interventions and management on neonatal mortality rate. Mduma E, Ersdal H, Kvaløy J, Søreide E, Mdoe P, Perlman J, Kidanto H, Svensen E.
  • Novel resuscitation bag and mask provide PEEP in a newborn manikin. Thallinger M, Ersdal H, Purington C, Gomo Ø, Eilevstjønn J, Morley C, Størdal K.
  • Novel newborn resuscitator gives significantly less mask leakage on a manikin model. Thallinger M, Ersdal H, Størdal K.
  • Neonatal heart rate in the first minutes of life measured with novel dry electrodes heart rate measurement technology. Linde JE, Eilevstjønn J, Francis F, Perlman J, Ersdal HL.
  • Quality of Partogram recordings and perinatal outcomes at Muhimbili National Hospital Tanzania. Mdoe P, Masawe S, Kidanto H, Mduma E, Ersdal H.

At the Norwegian Researchers Grand Prix, Huyen Vu and Dr. Monica Thallinger were participating and Dr. Thalling got all the way to the finals presenting her randomized study on the Upright Bag and Mask vs. Simplified Resuscitator.