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Laerdal Foundation grants PhD Scholarships to Safer Births Researchers

Dr. Jørgen E. Linde and Dr. Monica Thallinger have both been granted PhD scholarships from the Laerdal Foundation for Acute Medicine for their research at Haydom.

Jørgen HaydomDr. Linde, who is living in Haydom, has received funding for the remaining time of his PhD. Currently he is investigating data collected since 2009 at Haydom on “Time to cord clamp” in seconds and effect on neonatal survival. He will also analyze signal data from the Newborn Resuscitation Monitor to find out more about cardiac transition at birth, how cord clamping affects newborn heart rate, and beneficial ventilation parameters if a baby needs bag mask ventilation.

MonikaDr. Thallinger will focus on training of bag mask ventilation using the Laerdal Newborn Lung Simulator, performance of resuscitation, and randomization  of different bags (resuscitators) for resuscitation. ).

Funding of these  researchers is essential and represents an important contribution to our mission – Safer Births worldwide.